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We’re a dedicated and growing team, led by a doctor from the NHS.

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Our story

Dr. Charles Armitage realised care staffing had to change while working as a locum in the NHS. With no control over his shifts, he found patients were missing vital continuity of care as he moved to a different place every day.

Charles saw this as a bad deal for everyone: traditional temporary staffing wasn’t flexible for workers, and was a drain on care providers’ budgets. Resources that should be used for care were instead going on agency fees — there had to be a better way.

So Charles, with co-founder Dan, gathered a team of bright, informed and dedicated people, and created Florence.

Today, Florence is the place for nurses and carers to find shifts in care homes. We are making it simple to fill shifts, building everything we do on the need for quality, choice and transparency in care.

One purpose brings us together: to provide everyone with the care and dignity that they deserve.

We created Florence to bring quality, choice and transparency to care staffing.
Photo of Dr. Charles Armitage Dr. Charles Armitage Co-founder and CEO

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Photo of Dr. Charles Armitage

Dr. Charles Armitage

Co-founder and CEO

Charles is a doctor turned CEO of Florence. He is passionate about improving care services for all, with a commitment to advancing ways for staff to provide quality, compassionate care. When not working on Florence, Charles spends his time in his garden with his dog, Rosie.

Dan Blake

Co-founder and COO

Dan is a former army officer and financial services professional. He is focused on making sure Florence provides the best experience possible for nurses, carers and care homes. Dan is married to his very supportive wife Emma, and they have three young boys to keep them busy.

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